Masaru Miyokawa
Name Masaru Miyokawa
ミヨカワ 将
Miyokawa Masaru
Birthday 1982
Nationality Japanese
Professional Status
Occupation Mangaka
Known for ST&RS

Masaru Miyokawa (ミヨカワ 将, Miyokawa Masaru), born 1982, is a Japanese manga artist, the illustrator of ST&RS in collaboration with writer Ryōsuke Takeuchi.




Title Issue Pages
Anthology Issue Number and Year Release Date
Pay Soldier
(有料戦士ペイソルジャー, Yūryō senshi pei sorujā)
Jump the REVOLUTION! 2006 September 29, 2006 49
(ガラアクタ, Garaakuta)
Akamaru Jump Spring, 2007 45
FOO FIGHTER FUJI Akamaru Jump Spring, 2008 47
Bloodshed Class Mystery
(血風学級怪, Keppū gakkyū kai)
Weekly Shōnen Jump 21, 2009 April 20, 2009 49
EGG KNOCKER (illustrator)

Writer: Hideyuki Furuhashi
Jump VS March 22, 2013 49
Shikabane no Sandwich
(屍のサンドイッチ, Corpse Sandwich)
Jump LIVE January 15, 2014 19


Title Anthology First Issue Last Issue Span
Chapters Volumes
ST&RS (illustrator)
(スターズ, Sutāzu)

Writer: Ryōsuke Takeuchi
Weekly Shōnen Jump 30, 2011
July 4, 2011
20, 2012
April 16, 2012
39 5

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