The manga of ST&RS is written by Ryōsuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Masaru Miyokawa. It was published in the Japanese-language magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from Issue 30 of 2011 to Issue 20 of 2012. A total of 39 chapters were released in 5 volumes. Chapters are numbered in the format Step X (第X歩, Dai X po).


# Release date ISBN
1 November 4, 2011 ISBN : 4-08-870342-1
Chapters list :
001. Message (メッセージ, Messēji)

002. Start of the Entrance Exam (入学試験開始, Nyūgaku shiken kaishi)
003. Three Dimensions (三次元, Sanjigen)
004. Monolith (モノリス, Monorisu)
005. The Moon's Surface (月面, Getsumen)
006. Jet Black Moon (漆黒の月, Shikkoku no tsuki)
007. 380000km Rescue (38万kmのレスキュー, 38-man kiro no resukyū)

Volume 01
(メッセージ, Messēji)

Cover characters: Maho Shirafune
Pages: 200
2 January 4, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870361-8
Chapters list :
008. Long Walk (ロングウォーク, Rongu wōku)

009. Lie (うそ, Uso)
010. Scales of the Heart (心の天秤, Kokoro no tenbin)
011. Amachi's Universe (宙地の宇宙, Amachi no uchū)
012. Chair (椅子, Isu)
013. Children (子供達, Kodomotachi)
014. Izumi Mikura (御闇 いづみ, Mikura Izumi)
015. Distant 10m (遠い10m, Tōi 10 mētoru)
016. The Sky of Mars (火星の空, Kasei no sora)

Volume 02
(子供達, Kodomotachi)

Cover characters: Izumi Mikura
Pages: 192
3 March 2, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870390-1
Chapters list :
017. Memory (記憶, Kioku)

018. It's Not a Lie at All (ウソじゃないのに, Uso janai no ni)
019. Sky (そら, Sora)
020. A Beam of Wind (ひとすじの風, Hitosuji no kaze)
022. 1st Message (第1のメッセージ, Daiichi no messēji)
023. Awakening (覚醒, Kakusei)
024. The Memory's Light (記憶の光, Kioku no hikari)
025. Eureka

Volume 03
(覚醒, Kakusei)

Cover characters: Maho Shirafune
Pages: 192
4 May 2, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870433-9
Chapters list :
026. Liftoff!!! (リフトオフ!!!, Rifutoofu!!!)

027. R. Goddard (R・ゴダード号, Robāto Godādo gō)
028. The Promised Red Star (約束の赤き星, Yakusoku no akaki hoshi)
029. Open the Gate (オープンザゲート, Ōpun za gēto)
030. First Contact (ファーストコンタクト, Fāsuto kontakuto)
031. The Space Alien's Request (宇宙人の願いこと, Uchūjin no negaikoto)
032. Selestat (天球儀, Seresuta)
Special Oneshot. FOO FIGHTER FUJI

Volume 04
First Contact
(ファーストコンタクト, Fāsuto kontakuto)

Cover characters: Wataru Amachi
Pages: 200
5 June 4, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870456-8
Chapters list :
033. If You're Throbbing (ドキドキするなら, Dokidoki suru nara)

034. Betelgeuse (ベテルギウス, Beterugiusu)
035. Stars (スターズ, Sutāzu)
036. Premonition (予感, Yokan)
037. Return (帰還, Kikan)
038. Whether in Space or Anywhere (宇宙でも どこでも, Uchū demo doko demo)
039. A New Step (新たな一歩, Arata na ippo)
Special Oneshot: Shirafune-kun to Tentaikei Kanojo (白舟くんと天体系彼女, Shirafune-kun to Tentaikei Kanojo)

Volume 05
A New Step
(新たな一歩, Arata na ippo)

Cover characters:
Pages: 200

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