Jet Black Moon
Chapter 006
Japanese Title 漆黒の月
Shikkoku no tsuki
Volume 1
Chapter 6
Pages 19
Release Date August 8, 2011
WSJ Issue 35-36, 2011
Previous Chapter Chapter 5
The Moon's Surface
Next Chapter Chapter 7
380000km Rescue

Jet Black Moon (漆黒の月, Shikkoku no tsuki) is chapter 6 of the ST&RS manga.


Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Miles Rodriguez
  2. Cecil Myers
  3. Meguru Hoshihara
  4. Maho Shirafune
  5. Wataru Amachi
  6. Arashi F. Fukami
  7. Marka M.
  8. Yulia M.
  9. Fifie Collins
  10. Keiichirō Usubaru


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