1st Message
Chapter 022
Japanese Title 第1のメッセージ
Daiichi no messēji
Volume 3
Chapter 22
Previous Chapter Chapter 21
Next Chapter Chapter 23

1st Message (第1のメッセージ, Daiichi no messēji) is chapter 22 of the ST&RS manga.


While Shirafune is sleeping, the others are discussing the alien foto. Izumi annouces that Shirafune saw a "light" just as she did when she recieved the message. She then tells the others that there a 3 "chosen children" and each posses a different power: Sound, Memory and Map. Izumi has "Sound" (she can understand the aliens--> message) and it turns out Shirafune has the "Map" power. He can visualize the whole universe just by closing his eyes. The child with the power of "Memory" is still unknown. At the end we see Shirafune waking up and saying: "Mars..".

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


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